Georgia Land Surveying Co., Inc. acquires
A.S. Giometti and Associates.

Georgia Land Surveying Co., Inc. is pleased to announce the acquisition of A.S. Giometti and Associates. Gus has been a longtime friend of Josh Lewis, III and Georgia Land Surveying Co., Inc., and since his retirement, Georgia Land Surveying Co., Inc. has acquired all of Giometti’s surveys and files. We are a reputable firm with over 50 years of experience surveying in Atlanta. We are family owned and operated and will continue to offer the great service A.S. Giometti and Associates offered. We look forward to handling all of your surveying needs. Go to for a free quote.

If you are looking for a copy of a survey that A.S. Giometti and Associates prepared, visit our sister company, GLS Archives, for instant access to all of A.S. Giometti and Associates surveys and the other thousands of records on file. Visit for more information.

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